Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Moments

It has been some time since I updated this blog. Those sad moments (the passing away of one of our classmates recently) made me very reluctant to go into the blog, and also my lazy moments prevented me even to lift my thumbs. But today when I received these photographs from one of our classmates, Sdr Zainal Abidin Arifin, I feel very enthusiastic about recording the happy moments. Not my happy moments but Sdr Zainal Abidin Arifin’s happy moments. The marriage of his daughter (favourite?) Zanariah bt Zainal Abidin to Mohd Dex bin Rahmat. I can see his pride whenever he talks about the marriage. And on top of that Mohd Dex's father was also a MCKK boy of Class 1971.

The whole class, Class 60, (the majority anyway) received the invitation card from Sdr Zainal Abidin for that wedding in his house at Taman Melawati, on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur, on 15 March 2008.

May the bride and the groom live happily ever after. Just like in the fairy tales.