Thursday, November 06, 2008

In rememberence of the late Abu Bakar @ Zainal Abidin Bin Embi - ZABE - 08/03/1944 - 30/06/2008

(The only photo that we have, cut out from a group photograph of Form V 1960)

Thursday, November 6, 2008 6:06 PM
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My deepest sympathy to his family.
Zabe was in my clique at school. A brilliant mind.

Atan Aziz Sulaiman Patikan '60

I was shocked when I read this note in one of the correspondences. And in addition on further reading, in the same eGroup
On 11/6/08, ahmad burhan zainal mokhtar harun
> wrote:
> >
> > Assalamualaikum Sdr Sekalian,
> >
> > Berita ini baru saya terima malam tadi. Bagi
> saudara-saudara yang mengenali
> > Sdr Zainal Abidin bin Embi(Form V60), dukacita
> dimaklumkan bahawa beliau
> > telah kembali ke Rahmatullah dua bulan lepas
> akibat 'cardiac arrest' dan
> > jenazah Allahyarham telah dikebumikan di Tanah
> Perkuburan Gombak. Semoga
> > Allah s.w.t. mencucuri rahmatNya ke atas roh
> Allahyarham. Al-Fatihah.
> >
> > *Ahmad Burhan Mokhtar
> > FV63, Sulaiman House

One of our Classmates died, and we did not even know about it. Most of us have been very close for some years now after retirement but our late friend and Classmate Zainal Abidin Embi had never joined us. We searched for him but we failed. Now that he is gone, I would like to quote what one of our Classmates Ismail Hamzah wrote in a SMS “Sadly missed not having him in our circle. But we’ll never =ZABE=”, and to me that is the best rememberence that anyone can give for our long lost friend and now lost forever.

And tonight, Atan Aziz, our Classmate in Adelaide Australia added this. (I have edited where necessary)
Where do I begin? Zabe joined us in Form III ( I think ), a year before (the late) Nik Zainal did. He came with his Technical Assistant father in the family's black Rover. He wore this brown thick rimmed specs, often had to get very close to what he was looking at. He wasn't a book worm but a pretty swift reader and not suprisingly, had a very good command of Queen's English. In a clique with Kamarul Bahrein, (the late) Jeff and myself; and the four of us used to argue rather frequently. Like (the late) Jeff and me, he was a Sulaiman House boy through and through. Very clever and highly inquisitive and I had always thought he would be more at home in Science than in Arts. Also gave a breathtaking rendition at school concert singing an Elvis'. Once, he cut his left palm and had to put up with this huge bandage for an extended period of time and had to miss weeks of showers so much so that when I made an impolite comment in his presence that someone wasn't using 'Amplex' ( a kind of deodorant frequently advertised in magazines ), he wasn't too happy with me ( was all my fault).

In Sixth Form he branched out into Arts and of course you left in Lower Sixth. Looking back, I think he was a bit autistic and that was why he was so clever. To this day, I think he and Kamarul Bahrein had always had the best brain in our batch ( at least potentially ). Oh yes, he had this Charlie Chaplin kind of walk, only mildly but definitely distinctive. Is this enough to refresh a lapsed memory ?

(the late) Jeff told me that he managed to arrange a meeting with him (Zabe) after several attempts. They met in a car park somewhere in KL and the two had a good chat about life in general.

It is sad really, but such is life. Perhaps he had found happiness in his own way, and who are we to argue. And here in Adelaide, a distant place he hardly ever knew, he is not forgotten. Rest in peace my dear friend.

From Sdr Nordin Hassan.

Your departure is so indicative of the passing of time, the inevitable termination in life, that the good, the admirable, the impeccable in characters and behaviour will go first, and leave to us your beautiful memory, enchanted with humours and laughters in our classrooms, as if it was yesterday; the joys and the nostalgia that are so beautifully painful to recall except to whisper in our prayers that a day of togetherness with you may be there again. - Hereafter.....SEMUGA DI ALAM MENANTI ROH MU DI CUCURI RAHMAT DAN KEAMPUNANA , DI TERANGI DENGAN CAHYA DARI PINTU-PINTU SHURGA - AMIN

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Patikan

Patikan Hari Raya breakfast at Kelab Darul Ehsan Ampang on 26th Oct. 2008, was a successful event with a good environment, friendly atmosphere, good facilities, and best of all good food and good company.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Zain Ramly

At the end of August, 6 Patikan visited Sdr Zain Ramly at his house at Taman Melawar, Kuala Lumpur. Sdr Mazlan, Sdr Meor, Sdr Zainal (Non), Sdr Ismail Hamzah, Sdr Mohd Noor Rashid ad I went that morning after a short gathering at Taman Melawati. Unfortunately Sdr Moh Noor Rashid and Sdr Ismail Hamzah were late, they being caught in the KL Traffic jam. They found their way to Sdr Zain's house later anyway.

Sdr Zain Ramly is to go into IJN for a surgery, scheduled for Oct. 2008.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Differences in points of views.

When one of our Classmates wrote this piece,

there came immediate response from some of our other Classmates.

Response 1.
Use of nicknames among MCOBA members is part of the esprit de corps. Therefore, there should'nt ber any reservation about using it. Why at this stage we question such inherent practice among collegians (present and ex's). Do you want to introduce code of ethics among us.Minus name calling Patikan's get together will be dull and less boiterous and even worse we have to look behind us , whose grandchild is listening. Sure, should any expalanation is to be given to a child, exercise your art of explaining a complicated word like " sotong", KG, "kudo" and so on into simplicity, at a child's level of understanding.

Response 2.
I agree completely with Response 1 comment on the 'nicknames controversy'. I have always regarded our nicknames calling as harmless and affectionate referance to each other. Sure even in College days there have have been the occassional odd man out who have gone over the limit. But then we had our own means of dealing with such transgressions.

Now that we are all Warga Mas, I hope we are all at least mature enough to know our limits and not reduce ourselves to such tasteless comments as 'Ibu Tunggul" or something as unacceptable as that. ( In any case I can't imagine how the example of 'Ibu Tunggul' ever got into the vocabulary of the class of 1960 ). One of the reasons I love going to our breakfast meetings is that in this very complicated and stressful world we live in, there are places we can really relax in among old and dear friends without having to look over our shoulder to be sure that we are not being monitored.

I know that many old boys of other classes envy and admire the espirit de corps of our class and the ability to get together on a regular basis, and still enjoy each other's company. I am sure we can go on record that our wives also enjoy the company of each other even though they were never in the same school, let alone in form five in MCKK in 1960. Indeed many of them never met each other until less than a decade ago. What we have now is very special and, in my opinion, somewhat magical. I for one would not like any of the ingredients of that 'magic' to be tempered with, because I truly think that part of the ingredients in this nicknames calling in its present form.

I am truly confident that our group as it stands is capable of self policing without anyone imposing some kind of rule. After all we are all, as I mentioned earlier, Warga Mas and mature enough. We certainly do not want ant Prefects to remind us of "school Rules" every now and then.

Response 3.
I have read Response 1 and Response 2 lengthy write up on the 'controversy'. I agree on the points raised by both of them. However, to avoid the inconvenience/conflict and for the 60's to remain united, I will look at the controversy on case by case basis. In the case of the original writer of the article, I have taken note of his objection and provide my respect for his wishes.

Response 4.
Without a fear of contradiction, do I say the obvious that what you have, in getting together and loving each other's company, is unique and very very special. I for
one unashamedly envy you all. So, my advice to you all is simply, do what you have to do.

And my own comments is,
Pada pendapat saya, ada lah tidak salah di panggil nama2 yang kita biasa asalkan tidak meng’aibkan seseorang individu itu. Itu lah yang menyebabkan keunikan kelab MCKK yang tidak resmi ini, dan yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya. Telatah dan gurau senda yang sentiasa ada pada kita tetap menjalin dan merapatkan silaturrahim antara Budak Kolet

Monday, May 26, 2008

Success through sheer hard work.

If one is familiar with Shah Alam, Malaysia that is, and one has ever walked into Carlton Holiday Hotel one will surely have walked into Siti Delight Café.

The person managing that Café is none other our very own Puan Siti Fatimah, the wife of our Patikan, Sdr Nadzmi.

And she is doing the job very well. But it was through sheer hard work that she is as successful that she is today.

Heard the news that she is opening another Café’ in another hotel in the City. Wishing her all the success.

(Just a note: On Sunday 27th July 2008, when the Class had breakfast at Carlton Holiday Hotel, in Shah Alam, (Sdr) Puan Fatimah announced that Siti Delight Cafe' has moved to Sunway Hotel in PJ. The food business at Carlton Holiday Hotel SA was managed (been taken over) by the Hotel itself).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sudden appearance

Imagine, years ago, the whole class used to know the father, a sportsman, a singer, a musician and a very nice person. The late Sdr Syed Muhammad of Kuantan. Then we all went our separate ways, until one day, yes one day, we started to get together again. And we asked, where everybody is. Many raised their hands, and we got together again. A few did not raise their hands, some just refuse to and some just,……… well just ……… maybe too much for them even to raise their hands, or just beyond. But a few have gone away forever, and her father was one of them. But today she (and her husband) appeared at our Class meet, and hopefully later her mother will appear ……… just to get together once in a while ........ to reminisces of the old days.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Moments

It has been some time since I updated this blog. Those sad moments (the passing away of one of our classmates recently) made me very reluctant to go into the blog, and also my lazy moments prevented me even to lift my thumbs. But today when I received these photographs from one of our classmates, Sdr Zainal Abidin Arifin, I feel very enthusiastic about recording the happy moments. Not my happy moments but Sdr Zainal Abidin Arifin’s happy moments. The marriage of his daughter (favourite?) Zanariah bt Zainal Abidin to Mohd Dex bin Rahmat. I can see his pride whenever he talks about the marriage. And on top of that Mohd Dex's father was also a MCKK boy of Class 1971.

The whole class, Class 60, (the majority anyway) received the invitation card from Sdr Zainal Abidin for that wedding in his house at Taman Melawati, on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur, on 15 March 2008.

May the bride and the groom live happily ever after. Just like in the fairy tales.