Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breakfast meet at Sdr Mohd Amiruddin

It has been a long time since that any of the Patikan (excepting a couple or so) ever held the regular breakfast meet at home. This time Sdr Mohd Amiruddin and his lovely wife held a 'big' breakfast at his house in Dato' Keramat, Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday morning 25th Oct. 2009. Thank you Mat and Zaharah for being gracious host and hostess at your cosy house.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And they came.

And the wife and 2 daughters of the late Syed Mohammad came all the way from Kuantan. This is the first time that they have come to join us at breakfast, though some months back one of the daughters came with her husband.

This happened at the Patikan monthly breakfast held at Sdr Wan Mahmud's house in Ulu Langat. Welcome to the Patikan (MCKK Class 60) Group, Puan Sharifah Hasmah bt. Tuan Muda

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sheep, goat and Patikan.

In Kuala Pilah (know where it is?) last Sunday, at Sdr Mohd Noor’s second abode, we saw sheep and goat. Many sheep and a very fierce goat. What can a goat do? Enter the compound where it is kept and you will know the result. And if you bend over …….. you can guess what it will do. Sdr Mohd Noor warned us about that.

Anyway we had a good time at his place in Kuala Pilah. 3 acres of well kept compound, grass trimmed, with fruit trees, fruiting, and a fish pond. One of the Patikans came all ready to go fishing but was disappointed when he saw only a fish pond with a few dozen domesticated tilapia fish. I think that Patikan disappeared and went fishing in a river nearby (Did he?).

Good food, good company, what more can one ask for? ‘Rendang’ kampong chicken, ‘rendang’ lamb (or was it goat?) and ‘rendang’ duck. To a few Patikan’s wives, these were strange stuff, so ….. some decided not to eat. But there were other alternatives and no one went home, after the gathering, hungry.

And the durian, they were plentiful, the Patikan ate the fruits to their hearts content. Maybe a few ate too much and went home bloated and some may even had to take extra medicines when they got home.

Patikan was pleased to see Sdr Zulkernain, who came even though he was on a wheel chair. And Sdr Faisal who had been absent for a long time from such Patikan gathering. So glad to see them two.

And for sick (and hospitalised) friends, Patikan passed a hat around, Sdr Ariffin Omar’s hat that was. And the collection came to RM 761 ……… quite good for retirees like us.

And Happy Birthday to those Patikan (and wives) born in June.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Computer class

The following were in the class.
Sdr Hussain and 2 of his children (who assisted in the lessons, we thank them).
Sdr Wan Mustapha.

and Sdr Mazlan and wife (both came in later).
and of course Sdr Mokhtar and wife, the facilities owners.

Thank you Sdr Mokhtar for allowing us to use your house and your facilities. And the food, it was beyond expectations.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The breakfast.

We have just finished the Patikan monthly breakfast at Puan Azizah's house in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia, today, hosted by Puan Azizah, Puan Fatimah and Puan Wan Fatimah....... some good wives (and family members) our late classmates having left behind. Great!, that is all I can say about the breakfast.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sdr Mokhtar & Sdri Bahariah 40th Marriage Anniversary.

Sunday 12 April, a ‘tahlil’ and ‘doa selamat’ was held at Sdr Mokhtar's house. All Patikans were invited, and many turned up, with their wives.

Congratulation to you both. May your happiness last, forever.

And it was also announced that Sdr Mazlan and wife had also been married for over 40 years now. Our heartiest congratulation to Sdr Mazlan and wife as well.

Sdr Mokhtar must be a keen gardener, look at the flowers found in the compound of his house.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy together

At Engku Mohd Annuar's house on Sunday 29th March 2009. The usual gathering of Patikans, but this time at a members house. Good food, good friends, and as usual, old friends come by, and other old friends absent themselves. A good raport built and relationships renewed.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our monthly gathering

For the first time, on Sunday 1st March 2009, our Patikan Class of 1960 met for the monthly breakfast at the MCOBA Penthouse. Its like coming home to roost.

It was a real family gathering, happy mood, and ‘thanksgiving’ all around to everyone involved for making the group graciously happy as it is. Many have already left us forever but the wives and children have joined the group to keep the memory fresh.

Sdr Syed Ridzuan's son came with his wife, they have just got married a couple of months ago. And Sdr Zain Hj Idris re-appeared after being absent for such a long long time.

(Here he was standing with one of the breakfast co-host, Sdr Hussein Shaari, right on the far wall)

And as usual we have the Happy Birthday occasion for those with the birthdates falling during the month, in this case Feb. Smiling loving couple, you know who, happens to have birthdates in Feb. for both of them

And to Sdr Wan Mat, one of the Patikans, we have to give a token of our appreciation for being such a good host during our Jan. visit to his kampong. Here his wife is accepting that token. Just take a guess which of the three ladies is Wan Mat’s wife? (No prize for the right answer. She is the sweet lady, flowery dress, on the left side as you are looking at the photo)

And we had the honour of having the right hand part of the MCOBA Management with us. It was good of the Management to allow us to use the Penthouse for the gathering.

And the video of the stage show at last years MCOBA Annual Dinner was shown, two of our class mates played certain leading parts in that stage show. Sdr Syed Elias, one of the co-host for the breakfast is also one of the active members along with Sdr Hussein Shaari. And Sdr Syed Elias is shown sitting on the sofa, nearest the camera, watching the video.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

Just a couple of days ago one of our Classmates, Sdr Zain Ramlee, was admitted to the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur for a heart bypass surgery. Since then he has recovered pretty well.

We are a class of heart problems. Among about 60 of us, the following had already undergone the surgery, other than the name mentioned above.
Md Lias
Nik Hadi
Ismail Shamsuddin,
Hamid Johari,
Syed Elias, and
The late Mohyee.
Cannot remember of anyone else for now.

A few others already had stend placed in their heart blood vessels.

(I am told later that Sdr Zain Hj Idris had also undergone a heart bypass surgery. Sorry Sdr Zain Hj Idris, I must have forgotten about you).

Lets pray that no further case emerges.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day @ Kuala Paya.

Sunday 25th Jan. 2009, about 30 Patikans arrived at Kg. Kuala Paya (Segamat, Johore) for a party organised by Sdr Wan Mat. A 3 hours journey by bus. Leaving KL at about 8.30 am and arriving about 11.30 am.

Thank you Sdr Wan Mat & Whole Family, (this is the photo of Wan Mat's younger brother and charming wife)

for inviting us Patikans to your house and for organising a splendid party with all the trimmings. All the kueh2 Melayu, ayam hutan, ikan baung, ubi kayu rebus, keledek rebus, pengat pisang, umbut bayas, and not fogeting ‘kelapa muda’, whatmore could we ask for.

Our special thank you to your wife for being such a charming hostess.

Such friendly neighbours, who we understand contributed some of the kueh2.

And you even brought along the Pak Imam of the mesjid nearby, our fellow Patikan Mohd Dom and wife, and another Old Boy of year 1959, Sdr Borhan and wife.

And you imported specially made chocolate cake from Secret Recipe in KL to grace the celebration for the birthday boys and girls. That was very thoughtful of you.

The atmosphere was made very cool by the drizzle, which air-cond. the garden of the house.

Thank you again.