Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy together

At Engku Mohd Annuar's house on Sunday 29th March 2009. The usual gathering of Patikans, but this time at a members house. Good food, good friends, and as usual, old friends come by, and other old friends absent themselves. A good raport built and relationships renewed.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our monthly gathering

For the first time, on Sunday 1st March 2009, our Patikan Class of 1960 met for the monthly breakfast at the MCOBA Penthouse. Its like coming home to roost.

It was a real family gathering, happy mood, and ‘thanksgiving’ all around to everyone involved for making the group graciously happy as it is. Many have already left us forever but the wives and children have joined the group to keep the memory fresh.

Sdr Syed Ridzuan's son came with his wife, they have just got married a couple of months ago. And Sdr Zain Hj Idris re-appeared after being absent for such a long long time.

(Here he was standing with one of the breakfast co-host, Sdr Hussein Shaari, right on the far wall)

And as usual we have the Happy Birthday occasion for those with the birthdates falling during the month, in this case Feb. Smiling loving couple, you know who, happens to have birthdates in Feb. for both of them

And to Sdr Wan Mat, one of the Patikans, we have to give a token of our appreciation for being such a good host during our Jan. visit to his kampong. Here his wife is accepting that token. Just take a guess which of the three ladies is Wan Mat’s wife? (No prize for the right answer. She is the sweet lady, flowery dress, on the left side as you are looking at the photo)

And we had the honour of having the right hand part of the MCOBA Management with us. It was good of the Management to allow us to use the Penthouse for the gathering.

And the video of the stage show at last years MCOBA Annual Dinner was shown, two of our class mates played certain leading parts in that stage show. Sdr Syed Elias, one of the co-host for the breakfast is also one of the active members along with Sdr Hussein Shaari. And Sdr Syed Elias is shown sitting on the sofa, nearest the camera, watching the video.