Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day @ Kuala Paya.

Sunday 25th Jan. 2009, about 30 Patikans arrived at Kg. Kuala Paya (Segamat, Johore) for a party organised by Sdr Wan Mat. A 3 hours journey by bus. Leaving KL at about 8.30 am and arriving about 11.30 am.

Thank you Sdr Wan Mat & Whole Family, (this is the photo of Wan Mat's younger brother and charming wife)

for inviting us Patikans to your house and for organising a splendid party with all the trimmings. All the kueh2 Melayu, ayam hutan, ikan baung, ubi kayu rebus, keledek rebus, pengat pisang, umbut bayas, and not fogeting ‘kelapa muda’, whatmore could we ask for.

Our special thank you to your wife for being such a charming hostess.

Such friendly neighbours, who we understand contributed some of the kueh2.

And you even brought along the Pak Imam of the mesjid nearby, our fellow Patikan Mohd Dom and wife, and another Old Boy of year 1959, Sdr Borhan and wife.

And you imported specially made chocolate cake from Secret Recipe in KL to grace the celebration for the birthday boys and girls. That was very thoughtful of you.

The atmosphere was made very cool by the drizzle, which air-cond. the garden of the house.

Thank you again.