Sunday, February 28, 2010

High Table

Not sure how true the news is, but it has been mentioned that MCKK does not have dining at High Table anymore.

If the news is true, it is sad.

Its only MCKK has such tradition (as far as I know, of schools in Malaysia); it may seem small but it is a part of character building at MCKK.

Those of us who have been to MCKK, and our children who have followed us, have always looked forward to dining at High Table. Its not the food, but its the honour, and its a the tradition that is most valuable.

veteran CikGu

I just want to record here that the Patikans have been very lucky to have a few of our old teachers as guests at our monthly breakfast meets. We are planning to invite more of our old MCKK teachers to our monthly breakfasts meets.
Here we have CikGu Mohammad, CikGu Mohd Noor, CikGu Mohd Ali..