Monday, September 08, 2008

Zain Ramly

At the end of August, 6 Patikan visited Sdr Zain Ramly at his house at Taman Melawar, Kuala Lumpur. Sdr Mazlan, Sdr Meor, Sdr Zainal (Non), Sdr Ismail Hamzah, Sdr Mohd Noor Rashid ad I went that morning after a short gathering at Taman Melawati. Unfortunately Sdr Moh Noor Rashid and Sdr Ismail Hamzah were late, they being caught in the KL Traffic jam. They found their way to Sdr Zain's house later anyway.

Sdr Zain Ramly is to go into IJN for a surgery, scheduled for Oct. 2008.