Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A tragedy

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Terima mesej ini melalui e-mail dari sahabat saya (exLLN) Sdr Ismail Omar pada pagi Selasa 23hb Jan 2007:

I thought you may want to know if you have not heard already,
Dato Yeop Adlan's son Bakti passed away in Australia in a car accident.

Innaa-lillaah ………………………. Al-Faatihah.

Takziah kita kepada Sdr Yeop Adlan dan isteri beliau Mimi serta keluarga.

Majlis tahlil telah diadakan di Mesjid TUDM Shah Alam untuk beberapa hari.

Telah diberi tahu bahawa jenazah telah tiba di Kuala Lumpur pada petang 30hb Jan. 2007, dan selepas disembahyangkan di Mesjid TUDM Shah Alam, telah di semadi kan di Tanah Pekuburan Section 21, Shah Alam* pada kira2 selepas pukul 10.30 malam.

*Disitu jugalah semadinya kawan2 kita Arwah Mohyee Wardi, Arwah Yunus Mizan, Arwah Azmir Che Wan dan Arwah Jaafar Manaf.

Allahyarham Bakti Adlan bin Yeop Adlan was the only son of Yeop Adlan. He was a young 25 year-old promising single handicapper golfer and had gone to Brisbane to pursue a golf management course when tragedy struck.

Last night ramai MCOBs kat masjid, mainly Yeop's batch. Everything was punctual and jenazah left for burial at about 10.30pm. Alhamdullilah.

Many reasons, Haji, why the process takes a long time. My explanation below assumes that all documentation and legal procedures are fine - I am sure I have missed out some steps.

At the foreign country, first is to wait for completion of the post-mortem. If no problems (e.g. body not needed by coroner), then formally claim the body and complete the paperwork thereon. Then the preparation of the body by Muslim undertaker untuk dimandi & dikapankan, etc and sealing in a casket and transported to the cargo terminal. Then more paperwork for clearance as a cargo item on an aircraft. Then to book space on an airline and be given one after all the paperwork is completed and shown to the cargo and airline companies. Finally, loading of the casket on the aircraft and flight time.

In Malaysia, after touchdown the cargo is taken to the cargo centre at KLIA after all passengers have left the aircraft. Then you have to undergo normal clearance procedures for the cargo (boleh dicepatkan on compassionate grounds). Then to the mosque for prayers and finally burial.

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Rotikacangmerah said...


From the Player Profiles of the PGA International Golf Institute, Australia, written by Arwah Bakti himself:


Full Name:
Bakti Adlan bin Yeop Adlan Che Rose

Nick Name:
"Bak," "Dweeb," "Bubu," all of which were given to me by my sister.

2nd of June, 1982


Greatest Golfing Moment:
First learning about the game from my father when we were living in Mexico.
Doubt I've ever been happier on a golf course since...

Favourite Food:

Favourite Movie:
If I only had to pick one. "Dazed and Confused."

Favourite Hobby:

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?:
Havana, Cuba.

On the golf course?? I don't really have any.

Favourite Golf Course:
Tour 18 in Houston, Texas. They've replicated 18 of the best holes in the US on one layout.
A lot of fun, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Favourite Player:
Retief Goosen, Karrie Webb.

Career Ambition:
To be involved in golf, one way or another.

Event/Person most influential to your life & why?:
My father as he is my guardian, mentor, the authority and my best friend in life.

What advice would you pass on to a younger golfer?:
All golfers begin their journey with a pure, unblemished addiction for the game, remember it and cherish it, you'll never come close to having that again for as long as you play.

Life Motto:
It's all a cycle, and as history repeats'll soon realise, if nothing changes, why bother?!