Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Cukur Jambul"

On Sunday 25th March 2007, Patikan (class of 60) was invited to join Sdr Nik Zainal (one of the Patikans) & wife on their ‘cukur jambul’ ceremony for their 4th Grand child. It was a grand occasion, and Patikan really took time to enjoy themselves at the ceremony.

What is cukur jambul.? Its explained here,

And someone wrote this about the ceremony,

” Adat Cukur Jambul

A Traditional Malay Ceremony celebrated for the new born baby.

This occasion is celebrated by Malay Community whereby a newly born baby born will celebrate on the 7th. day of birth with a "Kendury" of "Aqiqah" . In this celebration if the baby is a boy, 2 goats will be cut while only one goat for a baby girl. In that ceremony the parents of the baby will invite all neighbors from the village depending on the status of the family for Custom recital and sumptuous feast.

The peak of the celebration is whereby the baby will be pass from one person to another in their arm cradled cutely in the big circle and the baby will be sprinkled with holy water with "bunga rampai" , a certain portion of the baby's hair will be cut (cukur Jambul) and the baby's mouth with be sprinkled with holy water and sweet / sour / salty food as symbol of knowing and experiencing the new life.

While the above occasion is taking place, there will be a singing of " Marhaban" (Custom recitals).

After that, all invited guests will be invited for brunch or high tea and these guests will be given "Bunga Telur "as a gift while leaving the occasion.”

Quite close.

It was almost like that at Sdr Nik’s house. But no "bunga telor", as far as I could see.

And of the Patikan, they had late breakfast earlier, the joined in the ‘doa selamat’, a sort of prayer similar to thanksgiving of the past and for the future, read verses from the Quraan, and joined the host and the guests for lunch after that.

And the Patikan even had a meeting at site for planning of their future activities.

It was a satisfying day, thank you Sdr Nik Zianal & Sdri Daisy.

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