Friday, November 16, 2007

Other memories

Extracted from Sept & Oct 2007 Patikan Bulletine.

Other Memories.

Many of us will still remember Ipoh and Taiping, places where many went for weekend outings, and in Taiping for picnic and making our glasses. Ipoh has changed a lot, as probably many of us has observed. It’s a City now but still the old places like the Jubilee Park is still there. I need not describe the place as many of us probably still go there off and on. But Taiping is still the old hazy lazy town with the restful Lake Garden, the Museum, (one of the interesting current exhibit)

At the Perak Museum in Taiping………….. a long long time ago.

the Prison, and the Rest House is now Hotel Seri Malaysia. Of course KEVII and Treachers are still there, in the old place. Coronation Pool and the Burmese Pool also used to be the favourite picnic places for many of us, good memories of these two places. At the Coronation Pool …...

The Coronation Pool is quite neglected now, the deep end which was used to be 10 feet deep is now only 7 feet deep. And the toilet facilities seems rather primitive. Rather dilapidated the place is now.

no more the 3 tier diving boards.

but instead in its place now is the children’s pool.

The Burmese Pool is more ‘civilised’ now, with eating places (they do not look very clean though) and a swimming utility shop in its vicinity.

But across the Pool is now an iron bridge, where vehicles can cross, and a water pipe probably carrying fresh water from the hills is using it as a crossing point.

An old photo at the Burmese Pool……….. many of us were there,

Pleasant memories.

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