Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sudden appearance

Imagine, years ago, the whole class used to know the father, a sportsman, a singer, a musician and a very nice person. The late Sdr Syed Muhammad of Kuantan. Then we all went our separate ways, until one day, yes one day, we started to get together again. And we asked, where everybody is. Many raised their hands, and we got together again. A few did not raise their hands, some just refuse to and some just,……… well just ……… maybe too much for them even to raise their hands, or just beyond. But a few have gone away forever, and her father was one of them. But today she (and her husband) appeared at our Class meet, and hopefully later her mother will appear ……… just to get together once in a while ........ to reminisces of the old days.

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