Friday, August 15, 2008

Differences in points of views.

When one of our Classmates wrote this piece,

there came immediate response from some of our other Classmates.

Response 1.
Use of nicknames among MCOBA members is part of the esprit de corps. Therefore, there should'nt ber any reservation about using it. Why at this stage we question such inherent practice among collegians (present and ex's). Do you want to introduce code of ethics among us.Minus name calling Patikan's get together will be dull and less boiterous and even worse we have to look behind us , whose grandchild is listening. Sure, should any expalanation is to be given to a child, exercise your art of explaining a complicated word like " sotong", KG, "kudo" and so on into simplicity, at a child's level of understanding.

Response 2.
I agree completely with Response 1 comment on the 'nicknames controversy'. I have always regarded our nicknames calling as harmless and affectionate referance to each other. Sure even in College days there have have been the occassional odd man out who have gone over the limit. But then we had our own means of dealing with such transgressions.

Now that we are all Warga Mas, I hope we are all at least mature enough to know our limits and not reduce ourselves to such tasteless comments as 'Ibu Tunggul" or something as unacceptable as that. ( In any case I can't imagine how the example of 'Ibu Tunggul' ever got into the vocabulary of the class of 1960 ). One of the reasons I love going to our breakfast meetings is that in this very complicated and stressful world we live in, there are places we can really relax in among old and dear friends without having to look over our shoulder to be sure that we are not being monitored.

I know that many old boys of other classes envy and admire the espirit de corps of our class and the ability to get together on a regular basis, and still enjoy each other's company. I am sure we can go on record that our wives also enjoy the company of each other even though they were never in the same school, let alone in form five in MCKK in 1960. Indeed many of them never met each other until less than a decade ago. What we have now is very special and, in my opinion, somewhat magical. I for one would not like any of the ingredients of that 'magic' to be tempered with, because I truly think that part of the ingredients in this nicknames calling in its present form.

I am truly confident that our group as it stands is capable of self policing without anyone imposing some kind of rule. After all we are all, as I mentioned earlier, Warga Mas and mature enough. We certainly do not want ant Prefects to remind us of "school Rules" every now and then.

Response 3.
I have read Response 1 and Response 2 lengthy write up on the 'controversy'. I agree on the points raised by both of them. However, to avoid the inconvenience/conflict and for the 60's to remain united, I will look at the controversy on case by case basis. In the case of the original writer of the article, I have taken note of his objection and provide my respect for his wishes.

Response 4.
Without a fear of contradiction, do I say the obvious that what you have, in getting together and loving each other's company, is unique and very very special. I for
one unashamedly envy you all. So, my advice to you all is simply, do what you have to do.

And my own comments is,
Pada pendapat saya, ada lah tidak salah di panggil nama2 yang kita biasa asalkan tidak meng’aibkan seseorang individu itu. Itu lah yang menyebabkan keunikan kelab MCKK yang tidak resmi ini, dan yang tidak ada tolok bandingnya. Telatah dan gurau senda yang sentiasa ada pada kita tetap menjalin dan merapatkan silaturrahim antara Budak Kolet

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