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In rememberence of the late Abu Bakar @ Zainal Abidin Bin Embi - ZABE - 08/03/1944 - 30/06/2008

(The only photo that we have, cut out from a group photograph of Form V 1960)

Thursday, November 6, 2008 6:06 PM
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My deepest sympathy to his family.
Zabe was in my clique at school. A brilliant mind.

Atan Aziz Sulaiman Patikan '60

I was shocked when I read this note in one of the correspondences. And in addition on further reading, in the same eGroup
On 11/6/08, ahmad burhan zainal mokhtar harun
> wrote:
> >
> > Assalamualaikum Sdr Sekalian,
> >
> > Berita ini baru saya terima malam tadi. Bagi
> saudara-saudara yang mengenali
> > Sdr Zainal Abidin bin Embi(Form V60), dukacita
> dimaklumkan bahawa beliau
> > telah kembali ke Rahmatullah dua bulan lepas
> akibat 'cardiac arrest' dan
> > jenazah Allahyarham telah dikebumikan di Tanah
> Perkuburan Gombak. Semoga
> > Allah s.w.t. mencucuri rahmatNya ke atas roh
> Allahyarham. Al-Fatihah.
> >
> > *Ahmad Burhan Mokhtar
> > FV63, Sulaiman House

One of our Classmates died, and we did not even know about it. Most of us have been very close for some years now after retirement but our late friend and Classmate Zainal Abidin Embi had never joined us. We searched for him but we failed. Now that he is gone, I would like to quote what one of our Classmates Ismail Hamzah wrote in a SMS “Sadly missed not having him in our circle. But we’ll never =ZABE=”, and to me that is the best rememberence that anyone can give for our long lost friend and now lost forever.

And tonight, Atan Aziz, our Classmate in Adelaide Australia added this. (I have edited where necessary)
Where do I begin? Zabe joined us in Form III ( I think ), a year before (the late) Nik Zainal did. He came with his Technical Assistant father in the family's black Rover. He wore this brown thick rimmed specs, often had to get very close to what he was looking at. He wasn't a book worm but a pretty swift reader and not suprisingly, had a very good command of Queen's English. In a clique with Kamarul Bahrein, (the late) Jeff and myself; and the four of us used to argue rather frequently. Like (the late) Jeff and me, he was a Sulaiman House boy through and through. Very clever and highly inquisitive and I had always thought he would be more at home in Science than in Arts. Also gave a breathtaking rendition at school concert singing an Elvis'. Once, he cut his left palm and had to put up with this huge bandage for an extended period of time and had to miss weeks of showers so much so that when I made an impolite comment in his presence that someone wasn't using 'Amplex' ( a kind of deodorant frequently advertised in magazines ), he wasn't too happy with me ( was all my fault).

In Sixth Form he branched out into Arts and of course you left in Lower Sixth. Looking back, I think he was a bit autistic and that was why he was so clever. To this day, I think he and Kamarul Bahrein had always had the best brain in our batch ( at least potentially ). Oh yes, he had this Charlie Chaplin kind of walk, only mildly but definitely distinctive. Is this enough to refresh a lapsed memory ?

(the late) Jeff told me that he managed to arrange a meeting with him (Zabe) after several attempts. They met in a car park somewhere in KL and the two had a good chat about life in general.

It is sad really, but such is life. Perhaps he had found happiness in his own way, and who are we to argue. And here in Adelaide, a distant place he hardly ever knew, he is not forgotten. Rest in peace my dear friend.

From Sdr Nordin Hassan.

Your departure is so indicative of the passing of time, the inevitable termination in life, that the good, the admirable, the impeccable in characters and behaviour will go first, and leave to us your beautiful memory, enchanted with humours and laughters in our classrooms, as if it was yesterday; the joys and the nostalgia that are so beautifully painful to recall except to whisper in our prayers that a day of togetherness with you may be there again. - Hereafter.....SEMUGA DI ALAM MENANTI ROH MU DI CUCURI RAHMAT DAN KEAMPUNANA , DI TERANGI DENGAN CAHYA DARI PINTU-PINTU SHURGA - AMIN

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