Monday, June 29, 2009

Sheep, goat and Patikan.

In Kuala Pilah (know where it is?) last Sunday, at Sdr Mohd Noor’s second abode, we saw sheep and goat. Many sheep and a very fierce goat. What can a goat do? Enter the compound where it is kept and you will know the result. And if you bend over …….. you can guess what it will do. Sdr Mohd Noor warned us about that.

Anyway we had a good time at his place in Kuala Pilah. 3 acres of well kept compound, grass trimmed, with fruit trees, fruiting, and a fish pond. One of the Patikans came all ready to go fishing but was disappointed when he saw only a fish pond with a few dozen domesticated tilapia fish. I think that Patikan disappeared and went fishing in a river nearby (Did he?).

Good food, good company, what more can one ask for? ‘Rendang’ kampong chicken, ‘rendang’ lamb (or was it goat?) and ‘rendang’ duck. To a few Patikan’s wives, these were strange stuff, so ….. some decided not to eat. But there were other alternatives and no one went home, after the gathering, hungry.

And the durian, they were plentiful, the Patikan ate the fruits to their hearts content. Maybe a few ate too much and went home bloated and some may even had to take extra medicines when they got home.

Patikan was pleased to see Sdr Zulkernain, who came even though he was on a wheel chair. And Sdr Faisal who had been absent for a long time from such Patikan gathering. So glad to see them two.

And for sick (and hospitalised) friends, Patikan passed a hat around, Sdr Ariffin Omar’s hat that was. And the collection came to RM 761 ……… quite good for retirees like us.

And Happy Birthday to those Patikan (and wives) born in June.

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