Friday, August 31, 2007

31st Aug. 2007

31st August 2007, it was the Malaysian National Day and the Class had a gathering at Janda Baik, a village up the mountain on the Main Range at the hill home (LORIEN) of one of our Classmate Nik Zainal (and his lovely wife Daisy).

It was a day full of activities, kiraokey (spelling?), hill climbing, childrens’ picnic, and guessing game of our classmates’ lips. (Here the ladies took the prizes, ladies are good at identifying lips).

And of course eating and eating and eating.

Some classmates were already there on the night of the 31st, while others came the next morning, and the gathering did not break up until about 6.00 pm. This gathering is one of the normal monthly gatherings that the classmates have.

A few of those in the photo above have now passed away. May Allah bless their souls.

Normally children and grand-children are invited as well, sometimes our past teachers join in.

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