Thursday, August 02, 2007

A different kind of birthday.

Among the class of 60 members, birthdays are valued, and at the monthly breakfast meeting, we always look forward to the cutting of the birthday cake. Not that the date be on the exact date, but it goes by monthly basis, and if for that month 2 months have elapse then there will be a 2 month sort of birthday celebration.

At the 29th July 2007, 2 months have elapse and thus there was a crowd of the classmates (and wives) celebrating their birthdays. And what made the occasion more special, there was no candle to blow but the host, Wan Mahmood and Wife, gave a ‘pulut kuning’ set up. We had the class breakfast at their residence. This ‘pulut kuning’ (yellow safron coloured cooked glutinous rice) set up is special because to the Malays occasions for ‘pulut kuning’ is a grand occasion, an occasion for celebration, and on most occasions a mark of success. But not to diverge away too far from the birthday occasion, we still sang the birthday song “Happy Birthday To You”.

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