Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sdr Zulkernain Sidin dalam kenangan - in memory of Sdr Zulkernain Sidin.

It was with great sadness , to record that Sdr Zulkernain Sidin passed away in the early morning of Saturday 03 July 2010 in Seremban.
A very jovial person, cooperative in all aspects, and always been with the Patikan Group even though his health was failing.

He would attempt to join the Patikan monthly breakfast on all occassions, even though he might even have to travel in a vehicle whilst on a wheel chair.

We will all miss his company.

Perhaps other Patikan may like to make 'comments' in this blog.

May Allah SWT be always with his soul.

 Innalillah ....... A-Faatihah.

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