Wednesday, August 04, 2010

In rememberance of (the late) Imran Alias .......... Imran dalam kenangan.

With great sadness, we received the news of the demise of our friend (the late) Imran Alias on the 2nd of August 2010, at GH KL, while we were all (most of us) going to Kuala Kangsar to visit our alma mater the Malay College Kuala Kangsar, we were then nearing Rawang. We could hardly turn back then as we had a very tight programme at the College with the teachers and students there. But some of the Patikans who were not able to make it on the bus to the College went to his funeral.

The late (arwah) Imran was a most likeable person, who lived in recluse and who unfortunately had been ill for a very long time. Even at the Malay College he was not that healthy, though he braved himself to join us all (then) in most of the school activities. But he excelled in debating, and took part in many debates in school, a person who had a quick mind and eloquent speeches to have the respect by all his debating opponents.

Because of his illness he had not been able to participate in almost all of the Patikans activities. We all understood. And many of the Patikans visited him periodically to comfort him in his difficult moments in life when he was alive,

Our condolence to his family.

Innalillah ………… Al-Faatihah.

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Anonymous said...

Good bye Imran.
If there is God, I'll look for you in Heaven.
Forever you friend.