Saturday, August 28, 2010

A memorable trip to Kuala Kangsar

50 years later. In 1960 we took our School Cert and in 2010 we returned to visit the old place, MCKK which we remember as if 50 year ago was only yesterday. We left the place in tears, and those of us who boarded the train out of Kuala Kangsar not knowing whether we are coming back after the SC results is out, and some of us did not want to come back after staying at the MCKK all those years, some had earlier joined at the Kings Pavilion in Standard 4 and some in Form 1 and some in Form 3 years later. And we became friends and buddies, and on our retirements we formed the Patikans, which the nickname for the MCKK Class of year 1960 and those who were supposed to take the SC exams in 1960.

And in on 2nd August 2010 we all returned to the College, the absentees are those who have departed, 17 have already left us forever, and the others having their own private commitment and could not make it back to the College. We bring along our families and even two widows of our Colleague who have left us.

We wish to thank those who help us to make this trip a memorable one and we cherish the memories of the past years at the College and this very successful trip.  And most of all we cherish our long term friendship among all the Patikans.

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