Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you En Anand.

Thank you En Anand, the present HM at the MCKK, from all of us the Patikans, the MCKK Class of 60. We really felt at home when we, class members, wives and spouses of our colleague who have already passed away visited the Malay College on the 2nd of August this year. The reception we received from your staff (males and females) and the present boys was beyond expectation, and the attention you and your staff paid to the presentation by our Sdr Yeop Adlan was very encouraging. And of course we will not forget the durians that you help to procure for us, those were beautifully delicious beyond description. And our visit to the College especially and to Kuala Kangsar generally was most pleasant and memorable. We are grateful for the pleasant memories, your reception, and our stay at MCKK in all those years.

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